Love and Longing

Love and Longing

“You’re in search of your lighthouse
wandering coast to coast.
Cliffside to cliffside and fighting against the rippling winds.
You don’t know what you love more,
the mountains or the sea?
Both have left you waiting and wanting
for something more.
The wild and lonely spirit inside you
can find comfort in the arms of a familiar embrace
just as well as the barren,
open road ahead.
You were born to love and to leave
and your fight to live is not one great battle
but series of victories and defeats.
Longing for a beacon of hope
you will exhaust yourself trying to be the hero.
All you needed was to open your chest
outwards and onwards,
all you needed was yourself.
Your quest for love brought only heartache,
a taste on your tongue that this world could never satisfy.
Unfilled and unanswered needs
you ask yourself;
Am I greater than love?
Your journey and my journey I’m afraid may run in parallel
and with a passive heart sometimes
you just have to love from a
The sun and the moon may share the same sky
but I’m afraid my desires are too large to share the same.

Competing with myself,
chasing myself to find the better,
but the lighthouse changes.
Even beacons burn out.
And your life will only be as creative as you trying
to make a lantern out of the dark.
You were born to love and to leave.
Whatever you dream could come knocking on your door.
You were born to serve and to lead;
your power is only a result of your courage and loneliness.
You were born to build and to break
and to rattle every cage,
especially the one your heart is in.
And when you’re ready to step in to the dark
you will find your lighthouse.”


Excerpt From: Ciara Lynn Wakley. “Love and Longing.”

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