Love and Longing

Love and Longing

A poem from my ebook, Love and Longing:


“There was a softness I discovered within myself
when I was learning how to love again.
Sometimes there are ways of saying words,
and then there are ways of just your smile
that deemed words insignificant.
The conversations I craved with you instead
were whispers shared between our bodies.
In the odd and lonesome hours of the night, the dark bedroom
had a way of making your lovely glance look like the moonlight.
And foolishly using the curves of my body to trick you under my spells,
only to find myself bewitched
by the thunderous uproar of your presence near me.
Whatever woman I was, I was no more, and she
undressed herself without conscious
and made a habit out of loving you and chased the thought of you
loving in return.
Dolly, just because you didn’t treat me wrong
doesn’t mean I was treated right.”


Excerpt From: Ciara Lynn Wakley. “Love and Longing.”

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