Love and Longing

Love and Longing

“Trace, trace, trace
down my spine
the world with your fingertips.

You laugh,
How far do you want to go?
All the way to Thailand…
You graze the back of my leg,
now where?

Press your palms
in to the small of my back,
crescent moon.
Arches and bridges of limbs,
my body breaks in waves.
I laugh, weakened,
can you hear the ocean?

Go and rest your head
a little while longer.
Tomorrow you’ll have travelled
too far north from latitude ten.
My love, please stay,
collect your silly thoughts in a suitcase.

Brown eyes,
why do I feel most at home
when I am thousands of miles
from home?”

Excerpt From: Ciara Lynn Wakley. “Love and Longing.”

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