Hiking Yosemite

Hiking Yosemite

Trail: Nevada and Vernal Falls

Distance: 5+ miles and over 1000 ft elevation gain

Enjoy hiking up two surging beautiful waterfalls in this short but intense hike. The first waterfall will leave you a little wet as you climb a narrow staircase besides the fall. Be cautious in this section of the trail as it can become very slippery from the mist. The second fall is the most rewarding, as you climb to to the top you will discover a slab of rock to walk around, explore or sunbath on. The top of the fall has a pool of water to dip your feet in and cool off, you will want to rest here before descending back down. Enjoy the lookout from the second fall as the water rushes over the cliffside and the great views of the valley. On this trail there are a few places to rest, sit by the water, and enjoy a lunch!



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