Hiking the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Grand Canyon

Bright Angel Trail
Distance: 12 miles round trip

This hike is worth every ache and pain you are going to feel the next day. The scenery is breathtaking at the top but thats nothing compared to the view at Plateau Point, the last stop overlooking the Colorado river. The trail begins with switchbacks that seem harmless at first and the path eventually opens up and leads you to Indian Garden. This magical rest stop takes you past lush grass and tall trees you would have never imagined to be at the bottom of the canyon.

Continue through the garden and step out in to the heart of the canyon. All around you will be the multilayered walls towering ahead. Cacti and bright pink flowers will lead your trail towards the end of your first six miles, Plateau Point. At the lookout lean over to take in the river surging below and the wind blowing so hard against your tired knees. At this stop take a break, enjoy a meal, and soak up the views. You will need all your energy and strength to hike out of the canyon the way you came.

Note: Please do plenty of research before hiking the Grand Canyon and consider items you will need for the trail. The best time to go is in Spring, when the weather is still cool and the sun isn’t as strong.

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