Costa Rica, the Pura Vida way.

Costa Rica, the Pura Vida way.

Costa Rica, the small country with big features. I travelled here twice in 2012 and still have dreams of this beautiful place. The small town I stayed in is called Santa Teresa, and is located on the Northern Peninsula off the Pacific side. It takes a couple car rides and another flight and/or ferry to get to the other side. However, if you’re up for a longer car ride from the main airport you can still drive all the way there!

Santa Teresa, is a small little town with a dirt road that runs straight through. The start of the town offers a small plaza of restaurants and shops and “touristy” items to bring back home. The best parts of this town are past the plaza and to the amazing local food, bakery, and live music. This one road town is immersed in the jungle with the West leading you to the ocean and the East leading you to to the Mountains and wildlife.

This town attracts mostly surfers and yogis. Why? Santa Teresa is known for being one of the worlds best surf spots. I recommend visiting during any surf event when Ticos and Ticas travel all over the country for a mini vacation here to check out the waves. Yoga retreats are also popular (how I first came here) and there are a variety of classes offered through out town. I highly recommend visiting Flor Blanca, a five star resort that has a yoga studio right on the beach.

Feel free to message me for advice, travel suggestions, or where to stay. Pura Vida!



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