Everything You Need To Know About Antelope Canyon.

Everything You Need To Know About Antelope Canyon.

Yes, it’s gorgeous. Some of you may do your homework and find what tours you’re interested in or if you’re still debating to tour the upper vs lower canyon. Let me explain.

I chose the Lower Antelope canyon because of how easy it is to access in my opinion. I toured with Ken’s Tours (click here for his website) which was $28 total for the general tour. You walk outside in groups of 10 and begin by descending flight of stairs in to the canyon below 100+ ft deep.

The Upper Antelope canyon requires vehicles driving through the dirt roads (goodbye DSLR camera!) before even entering the canyon. However, the Upper Antelope has a wider base (more room to walk around and awesome light shafts) and the Lower Antelope has a narrow base.

If you’re starting off in photography or just want to check something off your bucket list, go for a general tour in either Upper or Lower and save some money. If you want more exclusivity and time to shoot then pay extra for a professional photography tour.

Pros: It’s obviously gorgeous,  unique experience, history of the canyon, nearby attractions, amazing photo ops, the tour guides are fun and knowledgeable

Cons: If you’re claustrophobic don’t go, THOUSANDS of people visit (yes, it’s crowded), It’s gorgeous but… filters/effects do come in to play, and some limitations

See my photos from Antelope canyon with all the pro’s and con’s mentioned above! I still recommend this trip and I’m glad I went for the experience. Ken’s Tours did a great job rallying the big crowds and still providing a one on one experience with you and helping you get those special shots!

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